What People Say About It...

The Press

The beauty of P-Cals is it takes 15 minutes of breathing and movement, can be practiced at home and is a complete exercise system for body, mind and spirit.
   Deanne Pearson, Style, 1999

P-Cals is exercise pared to perfection. Simple to learn, easy to practice—a mainte­nance and rejuvenation strategy for your whole body.
   Jane Alexander, Daily Express, July 2000

This routine couldn't be easier to learn and sets you up for the day.
   Julia Bueno, Sunday Times, 2003

Health Professionals

When I do P-Cals I feel good all day. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a better lifestyle. They are suitable for anyone—young or old, and take only a day to learn.
   Patrick Holford, nutritionist author 'Six Weeks to Superhealth', 'Optimum Nutrition Bible'

I've been a doctor for 30 years—always seeking techniques to promote health. Psychocalisthenics is the fastest, most inexpensive way to prevent illness that I know of.
   Dr. Richard Apollo, MD

I recommend this excellent system. It aligns the skeleton and tones and stretches one's entire musculature.
   Alexander Gibbs, DO, BSc (hons), Ost.Med. MRT, Osteopath

These exercises are fantastic! Easy to learn and easy to do, no need for fancy equipment. I do them daily in my own time at home.
   Sarah Birrell, HSEC, MRSS, Shiatsu Practitioner

I recommend Psychocalisthenics to my clients; and I do them myself. They help one's emotions tremendously through the way they work with the breath.
   Lynn Genelli, MFCC, Psychotherapist

Psychocalisthenics is a superb way to nourish the essential flexibility, balance and vitality of our body-mind-spirit
   Alan Hext, MAc, MBAcC, Cert ZB, Acupuncturist, Zero Balancing Practitioner
The Public

I'm so glad I did the P-Cals training class. In just 5 hours it gave me the confidence of knowing the whole series. Great teaching!
   Veronica Haining, Company director

I am 68. I believe my good health is from 30 years of these exercises. Learning them is a one-off experience that lasts a lifetime.
   Sukie Tomass, Grandmother

I can do them at home—ideal for me as a mother with young children.
   Sue Manning, Mother

I've been doing these exercises for over 20 years— in hotel rooms or wherever I might find myself with my work, which could, in fact, be anywhere—it makes me feel forever young!
   Mike Shoring, Film maker

For 30 years P-Cals has been part of my daily practice, like brushing my teeth and feels just as awful when I miss a day. I feel old enough to know what life is about and still have a strong body left to enjoy it. I thank Oscar Ichazo and Psychocalisthenics for this. I will be 70 next year.
   Tom Salter, Businessman


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